Happy Wheels

"Happy Wheels," the application that lets players navigate challenge programs (typically, with graphically fierce results), is a little bit of a cult favorite. And all those cult fans of "Happy Wheels" are waiting with patience for the game to strike the App shop- that way, they could drive their bikes, mobility devices and also lawnmowers with dangerous obstacle training courses on the move.

But the online game was initially set to strike the Application shop last summer season, and also today it's still not available. The good news is, we have a few updates from Fancy Pressure, the makers of "Happy Wheels.".

From Fancy Force's official Twitter, right here's the most recent on Happy Wheels' pursuit to the App shop.

"Trust me, I understand. It's disappointing. We'll be posting information regarding it soon.".

"This week or next we'll post information concerning Happy Wheels iOS.".

However hello- at the very least we understand that news is transpiring "Happy Wheels," and we'll have new info on the iOS variation in the next two weeks.

KpopStarz additionally hypothesizes that the online game might be launching on Android in addition to iOS- the video game is prominent sufficient that it would certainly be well served on both platforms. On Twitter,, when inquired about the possibility of a simultaneous iOS and Android launch, Fancy Pressure additionally hinted that it may be a possibility.

"Well, it's a little bit early to state, yet I'm thinking sooner compared to we originally though thanks to @apportable".

On the other hand, the manufacturers of "Happy Wheels" additionally released a recent article on TotalJerkFace.com, about an insect in the game, on both PC as well as Mac internet browser versions. While the pest affects the different colors in the game, it appears to be based in Flash, and also could not be as troublesome in app form as it remains in internet browser form.

Check back soon for the most recent details on "Happy Wheels iOS"- that info should be coming within the next 2 weeks.

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